Monday, 11 May 2009

Joanna Lumley 1 HMG 0

I've been really busy over the last few days, mainly reading about how our MPs have been fleecing us, the taxpayers. However, I had to comment on Joanna Lumley's audacious ambush of Phil Woolas the Immigration Minister on live TV. I don't think he knew what had hit him - which, presumably, was the intention.

I think, unfortunately, Ms Lumley has found that her comment 'I know I can trust my Prime Minister' has proven not to be the case.

Despite this, it looks as though Joanna & her campaign on behalf of the Gurkhas has gained so much publicity & so much public support that she will win through eventually. What a brave, determined & gutsy woman.


Anonymous said...

I believe her comment about trusting the PM was cleverly played. She backed him into a corner, so that she could then trash him when he failed to deliver. Phil Woolas got a taster !

Ruth said...

Anon - I think you're probably right - let's hope her strategy works & she manages to get a better deal for ex-Gurkhas.