Sunday, 7 February 2010

Tears of a Clown?

It is a long time since I have been so angry with any politician's action as I was after reading about Gordon & Sarah sobbing publically on TV about the death of their baby daughter and their son's ill-health.

Are there no depths that this self-serving couple will not sink to in an attempt to gain sympathy and votes from the public?

The death of a small child is always tragic for the parents and they do have my condolences for that - but to use that death as a vote catcher beggers belief.

Don't forget, this was the man who said his family were private and off-limits - until he needs some extra votes to continue his 'fat-cat' lifestyle it seems.

If this subject is really so gut-rending for Gordon and Sarah surely they would have told Piers Morgan beforehand to avoid the topic completely? Or even said, in response to his first question on the subject, that they didn't wish to talk about it?

Instead they charged in, tear ducts at the ready to publically wallow in the topic. Vile and disgusting.

'Tears for Socialism' seems to be all the rage this weekend with both the Browns and Alasdair Campbell bursting into tears on TV.

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Dazed And Confused said...

These Fabians make Joseph Goebbels look like a rank amateur in the manipulation stakes, but of course, as this crying lark is fully designed to tug at the heart strings of house wives and pensioners on prime time television, all carried out with the outright loyalty of ardent New Labour supporting interviewers cuing them in....In a nutshell...what do you do?

There's non so blind that will not see, and most of the population of this Country just ain't interested.